매디슨: Lem’me introduce ye to my Bias: Kai, Lu Han & Chan Yeol… . … Y’know what, it’s a Miracle to choose Kai & Chan Yeol over the 4 remainin’, it’s really a difficult decision for me to choose Bias in EXO K because I really love each 1 of them, compared to EXO M. Maybe, I least like M because I don’t understand Chinese ( ‘n I’m havin’ a hard time studying it…) though I still support everyone.

I remember when they released the 1st two teasers which is Kai‘s ‘My Lady’ and Kai & Lu Han‘s ‘Time Control’, I knew that they’ll be my Bias. Call it Love at First Sight if ye want. Li’l did I know is that, ᄏᄏᄏ I fell first to Chan Yeol, thanks to ‘Genie’ of Girls’ Generation (Japanese Version). My friends don’t get why I choose the JPV over the Original One now they know  ^^;; I love EXO not in a Romantic way, Tae Min shall be my… . … Ne’er Mind ^0^

Kaisser Roll

So Yeah… even Kai looks like Tae Min, eyes can be fooled but not the heart.  He’s my favorite SM Male Dancer and I like his voice, I think he should just minimize doin’ his screamin’ & smirk because it’s Hot ANIYA! I get fed up.

Lu Hanburger

It’s not the popularity, neither the looks nor talent why I’m biased to Lu Han, its because we relate in one thing *plays One Direction’s* JK! My parents doesn’t support me in my dream/goal, just like him, after I heard/read his Story, I admired his courage to make his dreams into reality.

Egg Yeol

Now with Chan Yeol, Hng… I like DERP, a Tall Man, a Man who doesn’t care about his Appearance (whether he would look Creepy or Handsome), an Apple user & A Man who always Smile, that’s the reasons I can think for now why I choose another bias from K. Y E O L O!

How ’bout ye? Who is/are yer bias in EXO? Share yer EXO Story/ies ^^

엑소 *:–엑소–:*:–엑소:*:–엑소–:*:–엑소–:엑소

The song that made my heart feel happy & sad at the same time was ‘Angel’ or 너의 세상으로. After watching Teasers 1-4, I stopped for some Patoto reasons. I watched again when the Last Teaser came up and LO! ‘Twas my Favourite Teaser ㅠㅠ. I wanted to cry but I realized the tears didn’t came out from my eyes but in my heart. I want to give Yoo Young Jin a round of applause for composing the song. Can’t stop listenin’ to it until now and ever… . …

For History, Mama & What is love? I found them all OSM! ^0^

I like History because of their Fashion, it’s up-beat, the Dance Step matched well includin’ the Pocket Thingy and the OOH-OOH Part ^^ Whene’er they mention the word History, ( /kicks the Subject: History/ HELLO to Song: History)

Mama, ( /Kai: Mama/ ( – □ – ;) Shoo Kai) Oh Mama is SUPERIOR! Careless, CarelessI love SHOOT ANONYMOUSHeartless, Mindless, No one who care about Me, the Dance Step, the eargasm ‘Mama’ of Kai, the ANIYAAA (I used it when I don’t have any supply of Nutella. Pretty handy huh?) & the Every Thing! I was satisfied with the Computer Effects they used. Chan Yeol was too cute for the flame & the WHOOSH WHOOSH of Su Ho was epic. Baek Hyun’s 돌이키고 싶다면 (Mind Blowingly OSM O 0 O ) & D.O.’s 눈을 감지만~ Se Hun is a Patoto-ing… ^^;; and I found Kai troll much, he just teleport whene’er he wants to, can’t blame ye though ^ v ^  The BEST part here is… I perfected Kai, Se Hun & Chan Yeol’s RAP! Altogether! /shots/ Finally,

What is love? D.O. & Baek Hyun’s voice were like Girl, I can’t explain what I feel… I really can’t explain what I feel. D.O.’s English is betta than Chen’s or Kris’ (for Me), his lips is CUUUTE too when he said the ‘My Baby Baby Baby…‘ Baek Hyun’s high notes WOWed me, I love his Golden voice! * 0 *

Two Moons… Two Moons… Two Moon Two Moon Two Moons, they showcased Chan Yeol so this has to be a favourite of mine too! He’s a very Talented (Gi)Rapper indeed, despite his Boy Face. I would like to give 3 claps for Se Hun because he has a lot of S lines, talkin’ ’bout his lisp *nods* Till now, I keep perfecting my 서둘러 서둘러 Rap ._______. I’ll do my Best!

MA-MA-MA-MA Machine. Is it just me or they love MAMA? Anyways, this Song deserves the bottom for I only love the Lyrics ^^;; It’s not like I don’t like the Song but if I’m gonna order the songs from my Favourite to my least Favourite Machine will be the 6th (Thought Bubble:Angel, Mama, What is love?, History, Two Moons & Machine).

All is well! I love EXO! Keep it up and I’ll be looking forward for Kai’s birthday plus 5 days. *wiggles eyebrows* K Dream!

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